About My Work:

My artwork magnifies gender, interpersonal and social aspects. Often referencing my own life, my work explores the fluctuating relationships and emotions involved with self exploration and the people we come in contact with or influence us from afar. Most of my work during the last few years reproduces direct findings from therapy sessions,and come to fruition in human form, animals, or words and phrases. Other pieces, studies, and bodies of work are “for the fun of it” outlets, that assist in a balance-is-necessary lifestyle approach. Though, all of my art stems from a story, whether a commission or spontaneous creation.

I am open to projects made with a variety of materials and processes. The subject matter and theme of each body of work determines the materials and the forms they take, leaving each project with its own distinctness, while linking the pieces through consistency of hand and essence.

Through this contemplative work I invite the viewer to think about their lives through a colorful, raw and genuine lens.